17 Times Tom Wilson Was Relatable AF.

Yall ready for this?

Posted on April 28, 2017, at 10:32 p.m.

Alex Ovechkin
Shelley Hennig
Unemployed Girlfriend

1. When she says she's into a man who can handle wood:
2. When someone goes for the last slice of pizza without asking:
3. After watching Zoolander or the VSFS off dvr again:
4. When you finally make it home after a long day at the office:
5. When she mentioned she likes ketchup on Twitter back in 2013:
6. When your mom won't stop taking pics but you just finished your 14th FNL binge:
7. When you're at the store and realize you forgot your list:
8. When you send that risky text and don't hear back:
9. When you got work at 7 but a Metallica concert at 10:
10. When you're about to drop the hottest country album of the year but your boy needs help:
11. After embracing your inner basic:
12. When your friend and their bae start fighting and you're stuck third wheeling:
13. When you're trying to find that perfect selfie angle:
14. When you're having a boys night but your girl wants proof you're behaving:
15. When you go to brunch after a heavy night of drinking and you're the only one not hungover:
16. When your song comes on at the club:
17. When the waiter walks by with food... for another table: